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Development Orientation

- Board of Directors The company's rice Identify key business items should focus on improving competitiveness in terms of quality and price of products. Striving to achieve sales of more than 100,000 tons / year. Special focus on developing market premium fragrant rice and rice percentages from 30-50% / total sales volume. Striving manufacturing and trading PP types with annual quantities reach 6 million units / year. Strengthening corporate governance, continue to innovate apparatus and method of managing, operating to suit the conditions and the actual capacity. Consolidate and stabilize the financial situation, human resources, ... to ensure adequate resources for the principal activity of the Company.

- For the domestic market: focus on exploiting domestic demand to increase sales volumes of all kinds of rice and PP. For foreign markets: continued consolidation, maintain and stabilize the market's major rice importer companies such as Asian market and Africa; apply the regular measures like direct meeting to exchange information, prioritize leads, with appropriate tariff policy and jointly solve difficult problems to maintain good relations with traditional customers. Oriented and more focused on exploiting potential markets by organizing direct union surveys and market research.

- Planning the warehouse area has plentiful material resources. focusing investment in equipment for the enterprise to improve the quality, high-end products produced by the Company, to increase the value and competitiveness in the market. Strengthening the quality control from raw materials rice input, preservation, storage and processing to production of high quality rice. In conjunction with the Department of Agriculture - Rural Development and the functional departments of intensive rice regional planning, quality thoroughbred to gradually implement market strategy to meet increasing customer demand.

- Manage tight capital as well as strengthening the supervisory organization of internal control systems effectively in order to prevent any risk of accounting work. Efficient exploitation of sources of foreign currency, forecast exchange rate fluctuations for loans and reimbursement policies VND / USD accordingly. Construction management accounting system in order to provide the Board of Directors timely accounting information, service of production and business executive, best use of company resources.